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Our clients come from a range of industries including engineering, finance, healthcare, TV, media, retail, wholesale and logistics and we have worked with comapnies across the whole of the UK, many of them international, as well as smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

We have been involved with many small and large projects, always with the aim of increasing efficiency through better use of data analysis, automation, software systems and information technology.


ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification and is based in Glasgow.

Quarry View Business Solutions was asked to improve the internal management reporting systems of the operations teams which consisted of over 100 staff. Old style, manual KPI reports were replaced with live-feed team reports to produce regular, live snapshots of workload and performance throughout the day with RAG ratings and broadcast on highly visible office screens.

We also created a number of standalone Access databases to manage staff training, scorecard performance rating and complaint management. More recently, we have created a Product Management and Reporting system to assess and score the performance of all ACCA’s products available in numerous countries globally and online.

Optum Healthcare is a major healthcare provider working with the NHS and Public Health England.

Quarry View Business Solutions was involved with maintaining a legacy database system as an interim solution whilst also designing the workflow requirements for a rollout of their wellness healthcare service solution. The project included defining the new data structure, mapping the legacy data to the new structure and devising a data migration and verification strategy.


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GEA Pharma Systems, based in Eastliegh and part of the German GEA group, needed support with the implementation of of IFS, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool for their engineering and manufacturing business.

Quarry View Business Solutions automated a number of processes to migrate date from the client’s previous systems and to enter new projects directly into the ERP database without the need for labourious manual inputting. Subsequently, a bespoke software application was developed to automatically attach documents to projects in tIFS directly after they had been scanned.


Digital-i Ltd is a commercial TV broadcaster ratings provider based in Taunton, Somerset

Quarry View Business Solutions designed, developed and maintained a fully bespoke and automated system of report creation to deliver reports by email to its customers. Speed was a major factor in the design and reports are sent within 5 minutes of receiving the raw data making Digital-i’s overnight ratings service one of the fastest in the country.

We also delivered a number of traing sessions to ensure Digital-i could be self-sufficient and and able to mainitain their own systems without requiring our regular input. However, we are always available to give our advice and support when it is required. More recently, we designed and developed a bespoke Contract Management system because nothing suitable was available off-the-shelf. The system was later extended to create and send invoices by email and to interface with the in-house accounts department.


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